The Portal
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date December 30, 2012
Written by Miggy7215
Directed by Miggy7215
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N/A "The Band"
The Portal is the first episode in season one of Amazing Regular Time.


A portal opens in The Park and Ooo leading to Elmore.


Mordecai and Rigby were playing "Deal or No Deal" in the kitchen. Once Mordecai sees the portal, he was forced to stop the game and go on the portal with Rigby.

Meanwhile, Finn and Jake watch the news which Mordecai and Rigby went to Elmore on a portal, and he thinks that they will go to Elmore too. Later, They're all teleported to Elmore.

In ROFLica, Microsoft Sam has the plan to set the fight when he wants to force them to go back where they came from. Microsoft Mike have quit the mission and Sam will do his fighting mission alone, but then Sam failed as his ROFLcopter got exploded when he tries to attack someone and redirected back to him. Due to that, Microsoft Sam had a punishment which he will do Gangnam Style for 3 hours.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters


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  • The newscaster spoke Tagalog (Filipino) briefly in the scene Finn and Jake was watching news before they went to the portal. The only Tagalog line he said was "Sa ating mga balita." (it roughly translates to "To our news")
  • Phineas1and1Ferb voiced Gumball and Darwin.
  • The title card is very different here.


  • Finn's backpack disappeared while shielding the ROFLcopter's bomb.