The Cosplay
Season 1, Episode 10 & 11
Vital statistics
Air date February 2, 2013
Written by Miggy7215
Directed by Miggy7215
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"The Chief" "The Speed"
The Cosplay is the tenth and eleventh episode in season one of Amazing Regular Time.


Decide to have a fashion contest but Gumball takes it too seriously.


Part 1Edit

This episode starts with Finn and Gumball talking about the contest, so then Gumball tried on the clothes that he found and lost in the first round. And penny also sang a song.

Part 2Edit

This episode starts with Jake and Gumball talking about round 2 in the contest. Jake told Gumball that should have wore something better and telling that he has to beat Tails. Then round 2 begins. Mordecai announces round 2. It turns out that Gumball won this time! But Tails lost. The scores were 37 for Gumball, and 32 for Tails.


Main CharactersEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit


You can view the gallery here.


  • This was the first time to have this episode in 2 parts.
  • After watching the episode, Phineas1and1Ferb guessed that she should have voice Gumball in a Luigi-like voice.


  • The Cosplay Part 2 in YouTube was incorrectly titled as PMG Network - 2-2-2013 (Part 3) (usually Miggy7215 names some shows as PMG Network and the date not the show's name itself).

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