The Challenge
Season 1, Episode 16
Vital statistics
Air date February 10, 2013
Written by Miggy7215
Directed by Miggy7215
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The Challenge is the sixteenth episode in season one of Amazing Regular Time.


Jake challenge's Darwin to a contest for the best grand prize ever


Episode starts with Darwin asleep. Once he wakes up, he found himself in the lake. Darwin knew who it was, so he yelled a bad word, which was censored. At the kitchen, Jake was drinking milk while Mordecai, Gumball, Finn, And Rigby was chanting, Chug Chug Chug! Darwin walks in and slaps Jake. Gumball, Mordecai, and Rigby were confused, as Jake snickers to him self. Gumball asks why he slapped Jake. Darwin was about to tell him the story until Jake bust out laughing and explained. Rigby started laughing which made Darwin glance a dirty look at him. Rigby said,

"What, it was funny." Darwin rolls his eyes. Jake said that he wanted to challenge Darwin. Gumball smiles and said it was a great idea. Mordecai agrees but Darwin refuses. Jake calls Darwin a wuss which made Darwin angry. He then punched Jake and said, OH YOUR GOING DOWN!

So the challenge begins. Darwin won rounds for strength, intelligence, and speed. Jake won rounds of flexibility, partying, and chugging milk. One round reminded since they were tied. Jake and Darwin had to finish a dangerous obstacle course. Jake then started to loose his balance but he hung onto a creek. Jake convinced Darwin to help him. Jake also aimmited that he was jealous of him. Darwin suddenly saves him, but Darwin won the race. Gumball then said the prize was a trophy full of wings. Darwin then admit that he was a vegan so Darwin gave Jake the trophy of wings. Jake smiles and then suddenly called Darwin a quieter. Darwin smiles and kicks Jake all the way to the sky.



Main CharactersEdit

  • gumball Waterson
  • Darwin waterson
  • mordecai
  • rigbey
  • Finn
  • Jake

Supporting CharactersEdit


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. Katgirl1000 plays Darwin in a smart guy fashion.

. Darwin seems to be smarter, stronger, and faster than Jake.

. The word that Darwin said; which was censored because it was a bad word.

. Darwin reviled to be a vegan.

. Jake reviled to be jealous of Darwin.