Finn The Human
160px-Original Finn
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Only Human
Species: Human
Age: 15
Friends: Jake, Gumball Watterson, Darwin Watterson, Mordecai, Rigby.
Enemies: Microsoft Sam
Relatives: Unknown
Occupation: Adventurer
First Appearance: The Portal
Voice: Jeremy Shada
Finn (full title: Finn the Human, is one of  the main characters of Amazing Regular Time.


Finn is a 15 year old human. He has several missing teeth because he bites trees and rocks among other things.

Although his eyes typically lack detail and appear as small black dots due to a minor mutation. His left eye is green while his right eye is blue, characteristic of the genetic condition heterochromia. Finn has blonde hair, then Finn removed his hat, and long, golden locks of hair flowed out. His hair had a glowing sheen and extended his body length,


Though at times violent and aggressive, Finn is a brave and righteous hero. He has a very strong sense of responsibility and gets upset when he is unable to help others. He is almost physically incapable of doing anything evil or unjust, and will struggle greatly against doing such things. Even though he acts like a normal boy, Finn acts like a gentleman when it comes to ladies he has a sword called the scarlet he likes it but is also evil

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